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Serving You across the Vast Blues!

Fascinating sea and the adventures it promises us never cease to amaze us! Thousands of goods are transported via sea, being one of the reliable and cost-effective modes of transport. What if we say we can guarantee you the safety and hassle-free transportation too?

Sea Freight & Logistics Solution Offers you the excellent transportation and client service for everything you want in Logistics and Shipping. We love to transport your utilities. From sending birthday presents to delivering food consignments, we have it all in our sleeves!

  • Why Choose Us?
    • Maintaining reliability and privacy.
    • Quality pickup and delivery.
    • Execution with minimum Turn-Around-Time.
    • Integrated safety and guarantee of security.
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to herald a new era of the sea and air transportation, keeping quality integrity and safety as our highest concerns.

  • Our Motto

    Our mission is to keep delivering the promised results to our customers across the globe.

Our Service

Sea Freight

Assuring the best negotiable rates for handling the shipping services.

Air Freight

Presence of own office in Kolkata, Haldia, Vizag, and Mundra within the custom bonded area.

ISO Tank Operations

Maintaining the highest standard of ISO while despatching ISO tank containers.

The efficiency of Flexi Tanks

Smart way to efficiently transport liquid substances.


Country and global delivery via dedicated routes and End to end consumer deliver.

Customs Clearance

Efficient payment of customs taxes and import goods tax.

Third Country Shipment Assistance

Best service for offering transport between two countries without passing via the home country.

Buyers Consolidation

Dedicated container handled with care from pickup to delivery.

Special Service

We are offering Exclusive service of accepting, exporting shipments to Bangladesh...

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